Замена двигателя 4A-FE на более мощный

Модельный ряд с 1997 по 2003 года

Модераторы: Pilot SH, Cat Begemot, -Хирург-

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Вот такую ссылку я нашел
давайте обсуждать Авеносводы )

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Насмотревшись фото. Я б им свою машинку на доведение отдал бы. Жаль что все не на английском языке не почитаешь.
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На голландском. Даже переводчик не найдешь. У меня книга с Авиком вместе досталась на таком языке. Перевести нереально, даже по смыслу текста не допрешь. Только по картинкам, как обезьяна.
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Onze Demo Auto надо на эту кномпку нажать что б норм фото постомотреть.

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3S-GTE четко вошел в Авик :o
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Вот и ответ голландского Авенсовода.

Hi, thanks for the compliment. There are a lot of hours of work in my car to get it like this.
about the engine coversion... well it is a lot easier if you buy another car that is allready fast (believe me i know), or buy a toyota caldina GT4 wagon 255 bhp (or import one), Toyota Celica ST205 , or a celica with the VVTLi 192 BHP). You don't know what kind of trouble you will experience and what it costs to do it right. The car is not build to handle that amount of power. Stock brakes are crap, suspension is crap, FWD is crap. I am converting mine to 4wd because fwd is too dangerous with the amount of power my car makes. FWD and lots of power does just not go together. Front wheels are for steering to my opinion.
You can allso upgrade to a 4a-ge (175 bhp) or a 4a-gze (up to 200 BHP with other pulleys). That can easily be done. These engines are from the same 4a family. And can be swapped in a lot easier. Drive shafts and engine mounts are compatible.
The 4a-fe engine is not made for tuning, just comfortable driving and fuel economy.
Also if you go for 4age ore gze do NOT use the gearbox from the 4a-fe... it is not strong enough.

The price.... well that is all up to you. (the sky is the limit)
engine: about 2000 euro's
driveshafts: price depends on ask and demand
ECU: go for stock or go for aftermarket.... and if stock find someone who is a genius with electronics and i mean really GENIUS
brakes front: minimum 2000 euro's
bigger wheels 17 inch minimum, 18 inch is better to have room for bigger brakes
high performance tires to get the power to the ground
rear brakes need to be converted to discs: 500 euro minimum for original used brakes, allso brake power divider must be changed, or another 2000 euros minimum for big brakes
suspension: minimum of 1000 euros
exhaust 3 inch custom made: minimum of 1000 euros
engine mounts: price depends on ask and demand
cooling radiator: 150 euros
Intercooler: stock or aftermarket
bodywork change for the cooling of intercooler and engine
stock turbo and manifold or upgrade... extra euros
and not to forget tons of little pieces you need when you are building it.... that will swallow money as well

in these prices labour is not included yet (i have done everything myself)
If i had known from the start what i had to do to get it up and running... i would have bought myself a Nissan Skyline GTR35 or a Ferrari.
Everone who contacts me about swapping says 200 BHP is enough.... but after a month you allready want more.... and the upgrades of the car must be able to handle the amount of power of the engine. I experienced brake fading at 180 km/h a several times and that is something you won't forget.
Good luck if you still want to do it but i think you should buy another car..... If money is no problem..... go for the rebuild and do it right and with only the best parts. Cheap parts are cheap for one reason.... Quality
Greetings Sander

On Sun 27/12/09 15:44 , "Evgeny V." contact@avtogidro.ru sent:
Sorry for bad English skills, I live in Minsk (Republic of Belarus).
My name is Evgeny and I have bought my Avensis 98, three years ago. I
like this car it good looking, but engine is not have enough power(I
have 4A-FE). Nobody in our country can give my car more power.
So I have to look for more fast car like BMW or Audi. When I find your
site I was glad to see that someone can rebuild my original Avensis.
But there is no infomation on English on your site.
Here is a foto of my car in attach link http://www.toyota-club.by/forum/garage. ... le&CID=121
I know that it is very difficult to calculate the cost of engine
upgrate. Maybe you have any approximate costs on works as:
1. changing 4A-FE on 3S-GTE or other enging with power around 200hp.
2. Suspension bracket strengthening.
3. Updating of brakes.
I understand that really fast car should be fast not only on straight
line, that's why it is necessary to modifi all car but not onli

Thank You for attention.
Look forward for you soonner answer.

С уважением,
Евгений contact@avtogidro.ru
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Сообщение 27 окт 2016, 20:58

Самый четкий вариант - замена на 4A-GE - дальше доработка по Вашему вкусу)))
Для GE первых поколений, берутся хорошие валы с фазой 264, толкатели стандартные, ставится прямоточный выхлоп и получаем в районе 150 л.с. Мало?
Убираем впускной коллектор T-VIS, берем валы с фазой 280+, с тюнинговыми пружинками и толкателями, отдаем ГБЦ на доработку, для Big Port доработка включает в себя шлифовку каналов, доводку камер сгорания, для Small Port еще и предварительную расточку впускных и выпускных каналов с установкой увеличенных клапанов, паук 4-2-1, настраиваем на Абит или Январь 7.2, это даст до 170 л.с.
Дальше, кованая поршневая под степень сжатия 11, валы фаза 304, 4-х дроссельный впуск, равнодлинный паук 4-2-1 и прямоточный выхлоп на трубе 63мм, мощность поднимется до 210 л.с.
Ставим сухой картер, меняем маслонасос на другой от 1G, валы максимальные — фаза 320, мощность дойдет до 240 л.с. и крутиться будет за 10000 об/мин.
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Здравия желаю! могу поспособствовать перевести книгу. С вас бутылка! :roll:
TOYOTA Avensis Terra 1999г 4A-FE (1.6i)
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Вернуться в Toyota Avensis I

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